Lashari Group of Companies is one of the fines entrepreneurial ventures in The Kingdom of Bahrain. We are now five companies strong, and have 100 dedicated personnel working under us in various departments, and provide excellent services in varied domains such as:

Water and Ice Supply

Ocean Water and Ice Factory is one of the leading suppliers of clean water and ice in the desert nation. We have fully functional and well-designed plants capable of dispatching large volumes of water and ice to the various industrial and commercial establishments in The Kingdom. We supply clean drinking water, non drinking water, ice cubes and ice blocks to some of the biggest names in industrial establishments, hotels/restaurants, cold storages and supermarkets in Bahrain. The water products satisfy the safety norms set by international standards, and are constantly tested for quality compliance.

Construction Contractor

Lashari Constructions is Lashari Group of Companies' flagship company, providing comprehensive construction services and solutions in The Kingdom of Bahrain. We have some of the best skilled technicians at our disposal, who make use of advanced technologies in the market in order to provide satisfactory services consistently. Out facilities are capable of fabricating customized stainless steel merchandise such as hand railings, steel cladding & canopies and architectural features such as doors and louvers, wrought iron works and special wrought iron paints. We also specialize in a variety of metal fabrication works, and all types of civil and mechanical works.

Cleaning Contractors

Magic Bell is the cleaning contracting subsidiary of the Lashari Group. We offer a wide variety of sewage cleaning services as septic/sewage/lifting station cleanup, grease trap pumping and cleaning and sewage network system flushing. We also provide other forms of miscellaneous cleaning services such as unblocking & de scaling of pipeline, kitchen exhaust fan, hood & duct supply and installation of grease trap. We use the latest equipment and cleaning products to ensure efficient and timely completion of our projects.

Real Estate and Property Management

Lashari Real Estate and Property Management is a complete real estate consulting and brokerage firm, operating with the sole purpose of providing the best possible land and property deals to our clients. We operate within the legal confines of the state laws, and help seal the most lucrative deals on renting/ sale/ lease of a wide variety of residential and commercial properties.

Refined Oil Trading

Al Mohit Refined Oil Trading provides complete oil and lubrication trading services in The Kingdom of Bahrain. The company indulges in trading several refined lubricants and oil products such as commercial fuel/gas oil (Diesel) lubricants, base oil, sulphur, urea, fuel oil (CST-380), liquid natural gas, rubber process oil, automotive grease, motor engine oil, crude oil, Diesel Gas Oil (DGO), Marine Gas Oil (MGO)