Who we are

Lashari Oil & Gas Trading provides complete oil and lubricant trading services in The Kingdom of Bahrain. Several high profile clients in a wide variety of enterprises are currently using our products.

Having forged strong bonds with some of the most important refineries in The Kingdom of Bahrain, has helped us gain enough credibility and has enabled us to carve a name for ourselves in the industry. Our services and products are known for their quality and efficiency, which has played an instrumental role in helping us expand our client base and our line of products.

Our refineries are well maintained and house the best equipments in the market, which helps us to provide the most reliable products. Along with infrastructure, we also strongly believe in investing in human resources. This has led us to train our work force and equip them with a strong knowledge base in order to increase efficiency of our products.

We care for the environment as much as we strive to provide for the community. This has led us to perfect safe and reliable methods of production and disposal, where we strictly follow all the safety norms set by the state.

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