For over 14 years, Magic Bell has been providing professional grade drainage maintenance in The Kingdom of Bahrain. We have grown to be among the best in the business solely due to our diligence and hard work. Having been in the business for nearly a decade and a half, we have forged strong relationships with drainage equipment and cleaning products dealers. This association with the best in the industry enables us to provide satisfactory services consistently.

We have dedicated staffs that are capable of solving all your sewage problems such as blocked and overflowing manholes and traps. We also work on septic tanks, clearing out waste and sludge efficiently. We specialize in clearing blockages in drainage liens and other piping systems using specialized equipment. All our services are extremely personalized, and we take a unique approach to each of our projects, which helps us provide creative and solutions that are highly efficient.

Having worked on several high profile residential and commercial projects in the past, we have a good understanding of the both new and dated sewage systems in The Kingdom. This versatile knowledge ensures an effective service option irrespective of the project at hand.

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