Water Companies in BahrainThe Ocean Water and Ice Factory has been one of Bahrain's premier suppliers of water and ice since its inception in 1998. Our large water purification and ice manufacturing plant is capable of generating enough yield to satisfy our growing demands of drinking & non drinking water, ice cubes and ice blocks.

We currently provided safe drinking water to over 100,000 people in The Kingdom, and the numbers are steadily growing with each passing day. Our water services are in high demand in various establishments including residential, commercial, industrial, seawater desalination, pharmaceutical industry, military and other such industries.

Both the ice making facility and water purification units are constantly upgraded to keep up with the changing requirements of the industry. The water undergoes several stages of cleaning and purification processes, which help us, manufacture clear and chemically balanced crystal ice cubes.

We implement high standards of hygiene and safety standards, and our plants undergo timely maintenance and safety checks. This ensures that our products meet international quality standards, and our clients get access to safe water and ice.


  • Supplying Quality Drinking Water.
  • Supplying Non-Drinking Water.
  • Supplying Ice Cubes.
  • Supplying Ice Blocks.

Contact Details:

Ocean Water and Ice Factory,
P.O. Box 28375,
Kingdom of Bahrian.

Tel: +973-17771402
Fax: +973-17771492
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