Lashari Group of Companies has been providing a wide range of professional services in The Kingdom of Bahrain for the past 14 years. We are among the most successful business enterprises in The Kingdom with unmatched efficiency and professional workmanships. Each company we manage functions with the sole agenda of providing reliable services to our clients.

Lashari group of companies owns the following enterprises,

We have employed a dedicated team of over 100 people belonging to varied nationalities and technical expertise, which enables us to provide quality services and solutions for a wide range of business sectors ranging from water purification plant, construction, steel fabrication, petroleum products, building maintenance and cleaning services throughout The Kingdom of Bahrain.

We always take a unique approach and strive to provide international grade services to all our project undertakings, irrespective of the size or nature of the project. We are always open to client inputs in order to provides services and solutions that are in tune with the client requirements. We keep abreast of market changes, which enable us to adapt our approach to provide viable services, complying with the industry standards.